Down10 FONTS

Original fonts made by Jesse Burgheimer

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About Down10 Fonts…

I’m passionate about typography, and I dig making my own fonts. I want to share some of my creations with you.

Thankfully, I’m not going to charge you for using them. Nothing against those out there who are trying to make a living off making fonts — I support all the hard-working font-makers out there and I heartily encourage you to support them as well. These fonts are free because I’m doing this as a hobby, and because I like downloading fonts without the guilt of payment. All I ask is that you not distribute these on other sites/mediums without getting my expressed permission first.

I also love getting feedback on the fonts, and I’ll work on improving my fonts and bringing more to you if I know that people like them. So please e-mail me if you download the fonts and use them — That’d be very cool.